Why Choose Us?

If you're looking for a new job within the estate agency industry then here are some excellent reasons why you should register with us today.

No Cost

Our clients pay us a pre-agreed professional fee for introducing suitable candidates. This means that we can help candidates find a new position completely free of charge.

No Pressure

New vacancies and clients register with us all the time and we will obviously select only those that we feel would interest you the most, dependent upon location, basic salary, career prospects, etc. However, it’s up to you who you ultimately want to see and we will not pressure you to go to any interview against your will.

Nor does registering with us oblige you to take any job that might be offered to you. Unless the position suits most, if not all of your requirements, you can simply decline the offer and carry on looking.


It’s quite common for people to look for a new position whilst they are still in employment. In these situations it’s obviously essential that their search is kept confidential so as not to jeopardise their current job. Estate Agency Professionals operate with complete discretion and confidentially and it will allow you to find a job without alerting your employer.


Estate Agency Professionals regularly advertise in all of the leading Trade publications as well as regional, national, and specialist newspapers. This constant marketing encourages more companies to contact us and, as a result, allows us to have a wider range of companies to choose from when we’re placing candidates. Our client database is constantly expanding with a large proportion of our vacancies coming from long established and ongoing relationships with clients.

Specific job searching

For candidates with particular or specialised requirements we can undertake a confidential search with likely companies. Our client database contains over a thousand past and current different companies and it’s expanding all the time. Even if we find that a suitable company does not have a current vacancy, we will still contact them and enquire whether they can find a space for you!

Friendly staff and honest advice

A lot of the time candidates ask for our opinion on whether a particular company is right, or whether an offer is worth accepting. Despite the fact we earn fees from placements, we will not compromise our ethical and moral obligations when we are asked for our advice. If we believe an offer can be bettered or at least negotiated, we will tell you. If we think it is a good offer within the marketplace, we will also tell you.

The feedback we get from candidates is that our consultants are honest, professional, helpful and friendly. Also, that we try and create a relationship with our candidates that is informal and open. This is very important to us as it underlines our aim to treat everyone how we would like to be treated ourselves. Admittedly, we can't keep everybody happy, but we do try!

More Clients = More Choice!

Logically, the more clients we have, the bigger choice you get. The bigger the choice, then the bigger the likelihood of a better package and a better company. Simple.
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