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You don't have to be a genius to work out that any company working in the estate agency industry is only as good as the staff representing it.

Better staff = Better business!

Obvious isn't it? Good quality staff will deal with clients more efficiently, promote the company more positively and ultimately generate more business. The better your staff, the greater your chances of success.

So where do we come in?

Well, our service is simple. Every day people looking for sales, lettings, financial services or other positions within the estate agency industry contact us. Most have experience, although not all. Most are good, although not all.

Our job is to identify those candidates whom we feel offer the qualities and skills that our clients are looking for and then put them in touch with those companies and vacancies that we feel are most suitable.

Ok, but do we have staff to suit you?

Well, we hope so but each company is different. The right person for a big corporate chain might be all wrong for a single branch independent. However, with so many candidates registering every day the chances of finding your ideal person are pretty good.

Just as all of your advertising is geared toward attracting vendors and landlords, buyers and tenants so ours is geared toward attracting candidates. Continuous advertising in trade, regional, national and specialist press means that our telephones are always ringing with new candidates wanting to register with us. We have a large database of existing candidates, so if you need some staff then we should talk!

OK, but how much is it going to cost you?

Well, initially nothing. No Sale. No Fee.

Registering a vacancy with us costs you zero. Our terms and fees are agreed up front before any search is started. Receiving details from us and interviewing candidates also costs you zero. Our fees will only become applicable when you see somebody you like, offer them a job and they start with your company. Hopefully, by then you will have decided that they are worth the fee (or not!).

Even then, you have a rebate which will refund some if not all of your fee should the candidate leave your employ for any reason whatsoever (although you'll be pleased to know it's quite unusual!).

For any serious business, recruitment of staff should not be considered an expense but an investment.

There are lots of reasons why you should contact us if you are looking for staff. If you have any other queries check out our frequently asked questions, or telephone us on 0208 508 8111 and speak to one of our consultant

Interested?  What you do now

Simple. Telephone us, fax us or e-mail us and tell us what you are looking for. We'll do the rest. No pain. No fuss.
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